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SkyView® Satellite Guide app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 8016 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: Terminal Eleven LLC
3.99 USD
Current version: 1.2.2, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 06 Sep 2013
App size: 81.75 Mb

From the makers of the award winning SkyView® app comes a stunning new way to discover over 20,000 satellites day or night.

Satellite spotting is now for everyone. Just point your iPhone at the sky to identify the International Space Station, Hubble, GPS satellites, and thousands more as they soar above your location.

Discover new and interesting satellites in Earth mode. Pan around the Earth, touch satellites over distant countries, zoom-in for a close-up view, and take wonderful photos to share with friends.


• Simple: Point your iPhone at the sky to identify satellites passing overhead at your location.
• Interactive: Pan around Earth to discover new satellites and zoom-in for a beautiful 3D close-up view.
• Customizable: Build a list of your favorite satellites and filter other satellites from your view.
• Sighting reminders: Quickly schedule reminders to notify you when a visible satellite will be in the sky above your location.
• Night friendly: Preserve your night vision with two easy-access night modes (red or green filters).
• Social: Capture and share beautiful images with friends and family on social networks.
• Space Junk: Uncover thousands of rocket bodies and other space debris that orbit Earth.
• Mobile: Does not require a data signal or GPS to function, take it anywhere.
• Comprehensive: Includes 20,000 satellites with thousands of facts, descriptions, tidbits, and satellite images.

Pros and cons of SkyView® Satellite Guide app for iPhone and iPad

SkyView® Satellite Guide app good for

Really enjoy this app for its forecasting and tracking. It greatly aids in the finding of objects like the International Space Station. Keeps the kids involved. Makes looking up at the night sky fun and full of wonder. We are there. We are there. We are there.
I spend hours just staring at the stars from my basement. How awesome is that!! With light pollution blocking my way it is difficult to enjoy the real thing. I think this app is truly worth what I paid.
This is pretty cool. Now if only if it could clear the night sky so I could actually see some of these things! lol
I have had it now for about 7 months and I use it everyday ! I love The fact that I can see the space station going over head and it show you exactly where it is and this guy passing over. One of the best sky apps I have purchased in a long time, wait. No. Its the best !!
I have always been fascinated with space from the moon landing until today - looking at space from my phone and seeing the wonders of the stars
How do they do it? Hours of entertainment and knowledge from this winner

Some bad moments

Cant tap things in globe view, screen doesnt rotate in AR view. Dont waste your money on this abandoned app.
Dont buy this one if you have the other one this was just a waste of money
While in AR mode the azimuth is frozen to north and will not rotate. Elevation works. Both azimuth and elevation is functioning in Skyview but not in Satellite guide. *** 2 months later and bugs still havent been fixed. *** DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY***
This app is well designed except for one fatal flaw: you can only show one type of satellites at once. This unnecessary design limitation makes it hard to use on the field as you must switch between the 10 categories.
I love this app so much! Me and my dad use this app at night to watch satellites pass over our house the app is a little behind tough but thats expected but I kind of like it being behind a bit so we can put the phone down and know exactly where it will fly by, Thanks for this awesome app! <3
Love this app, very well done. Have been looking for an app like this for a while and finally found a winner. A few suggestions for future versions. 1. Allow viewing of sub-categories (ie: Communications->Iridium to just view the Iridium Satellites). 2. Put a button to re-spin the globe like at startup. 3. Allow spinning the globe on the earths axis (lock in axis in place). 4. Lighten the dark sky areas, very difficult to see most of the world other than whats lit up. An alternate would be to have a switch to turn it to daytime worldwide. I hope youll consider these suggestions to make your fantastic app even better. Totally love it! Very well done.

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